Nomination Details

The College of Charleston’s and The Citadel’s chapters of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society, are proud to announce their 14th annual South Carolina Spanish Teacher of the Year Award for 2018. The three finalists will be recognized and the awardee announced during a ceremony on Thursday, November 15, 2018 in Alumni Memorial Hall at the College of Charleston in Charleston, S.C.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • At least four consecutive years (including the current) teaching any level of Spanish from K-12 in the State of South Carolina.
  • Nominees are not required to be members of Sigma Delta Pi.
  • Previous winners are not eligible for a period of two consecutive years following the year they received Sigma Delta Pi’s South Carolina Spanish Teacher of the Year Award.
  • Past runners up are eligible.
  • Previous nominees who still meet the aformentioned requirements are automatically reconsidered for future South Carolina Spanish Teacher of the Year awards (the original nomination form remains valid) for a period of three consecutive years provided:
    a) a nominator’s updated letter outlining the candidate’s most recent professional activities is sent by the submission deadline (e-mail submissions to required);
    b) the authors of the original letters of recommendation still work with the nominee in a capacity that permits the recommenders to assess the nominee’s current performance as a Spanish teacher.
    After three years, the teacher must be re-nominated with a current nomination form and accompanying, updated supporting documentation.

Nominees may be self-nominated.

The following must accompany the nomination form:
1) Justification for Nomination (self-nominations permitted)

Must be written by a colleague, supervisor or the candidate him/herself. In a typed attachment, please explain in 500 words or less why you believe this nominee deserves recognition as the 2018 South Carolina Spanish Teacher of the Year. Be sure to highlight his/her unique qualities as a teacher and his/her impact on students (please refer to “Judging Criteria” below).

2) Letters of Recommendation
In addition to the nomination form (click here) and #1 above (“Justification for Nomination”), please include two letters of recommendation from people familiar with the nominee’s contributions to language teaching:
a) one from a colleague or supervisor (please refer to “Judging Criteria” below).
b) one from a former student or parent (please refer to “Judging Criteria” below).

3) Current résumé (CV) of Nominee
Include an updated résumé (CV) of the candidate as it reflects activities related to this teaching distinction.

4) 500-word commentary on a submitted lesson that includes a description of:

  • target language use and the  modes of communication addressed in the lesson
  • appropriate instructional strategies, including differentiation
  • application of the culture triangle

5) Five (5) individual samples of student work with teacher feedback.

6) 500-word teaching philosophy that describes and provides evidence of how the 2013 S.C. Standard for World Language Proficiency standards (click here) are integrated in his/her teaching.  

Judging Criteria
Nominees will be judged on the following:

1) Evidence of innovation in teaching.
2) Role and/or initiative in Spanish curriculum development.
3) Role and/or initiative in extra-curricular activities related to teaching and/or spreading the Hispanic language and/or culture in the school where employed.
4) Role and/or initiative in extra-curricular activities where employed related to teaching and/or spreading the Hispanic language and/or culture in the community, not the school.
5) Evidence of esteem of colleagues.
6) Evidence of esteem of students.
7) Evidence of love of teaching.
8) Evidence of general sacrifices made for the teaching mission.
9) Evidence of subject mastery.
10) Evidence of professional development.

Submission deadline:
By September 15, 2018, share via GoogleDrive or Dropbox with one (1) copy of 1) the official nomination form (download here), 2) the justification for nomination, 3) two letters of recommendation and 4) the nominee’s current résumé addressed to

Dr. Mark P. Del Mastro
Founding Director of Sigma Delta Pi’s S.C. Spanish Teacher of the Year Award
Department of Hispanic Studies, College of Charleston



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